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‘The speechless dead’: King Log (1968)

‘The speechless dead’: King Log (1968)

(p.18) 2 ‘The speechless dead’: King Log (1968)
Acceptable Words
Jeffrey Wainwright
Manchester University Press

The presentation of a tableau in this chapter related to Shiloh Church, or the Battle of Towton almost exactly four hundred years earlier under the comet's light in ‘Funeral Music’, appears as a central feature of King Log. Such single revelations haunt Hill's imagination. They act as images that compound his obsession with human suffering, ‘circumstantial disasters’, and all that compromises those circumstances. ‘The exact words’ are Geoffrey Hill's total concern as a poet. His determination is to strive to make them adequate to the events he witnesses. King Log is fruit of that witness and that determination.

Keywords:   King Log, Battle of Towtown, human suffering, Funeral Music, Geoffrey Hill

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