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Epilogue: Forgotten corners

Epilogue: Forgotten corners

(p.154) Epilogue: Forgotten corners
Above Sea
Jenny Lin
Manchester University Press

A few years ago, my students and I organized an exhibition of contemporary photography from mainland China, presented in our small university-run gallery in Portland. The project began with a call for photographs, which we forwarded to Chinese art schools, museums, and cultural institutions; to individual artists, photographers, and photojournalists; and through Chinese social media channels such as Weibo and WeChat. We asked people to email photographs of contemporary life in the PRC and to consider, but not limit themselves to, themes such as urbanization versus developments in the rural countryside, the impact of foreign cultures on local identities, the environmental impacts of globalization, and gender issues amid societal shifts. We grew giddy at the abundant response. Hundreds of photographs streamed into our class’s inbox. For the most part, the senders were previously unknown to me and my students. These strangers’ submissions allowed us to see, through their eyes, a fuller representation of the PRC, a place whose modern and contemporary art we had been studying mainly through past exhibitions, scholarly articles, and survey texts....

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